About Precarious Europe

The Precarious Europe project is a media platform dedicated to documenting the experiences and perspectives of young people in Europe. It is founded by three young journalists and activists leading precarious existences in Britain, Italy and Greece. We aim to build a media platform and network, where this heterogeneous group can speak on its own terms.

Why now?

The political landscape in Europe is volatile, with new parties of the left and far-right competing with social movements demanding radical democracy, campaigns for self-determination and populist street movements. Those aged 16 to 35 today are turning to these new and emerging parties and movements, in many cases leading from the front. They will determine the future direction of Europe and of the Union, which is in crisis.

The media needs a platform shaped by young people across Europe, that offers stability and pays fairly. Traditional mainstream media is not fit for purpose, while new media often expects unpaid labour, particularly from the ‘precariat’ young.

What will we publish?

We will publish on these themes and trends, within Europe:

  • new parties founded by young people or reliant on the youth vote
  • social movements led and shaped by young people
  • new communities, social centres and self-governed spaces of all kinds
  • movements for self-determination
  • far-right parties and movements, particularly those attracting a youth base
  • anti-austerity and ‘beyond austerity’ struggles
  • experiences of precarity, anxiety, under and unemployment
  • migration within, away and to Europe, particularly when this is a youth trend
  • the European Union and its future



Precarious Europe is founded by three journalists, editors and activists: Yiannis Baboulias, Jamie Mackay and Niki Seth-Smith. All three of us are  under 30 and leading precarious lives in Europe. From our bases in the UK, Greece and Italy, will be growing a network of contributors from across Europe.

We welcome contributors of any age but will prioritise those under 35. We are looking for contributors from across Europe (the region, not the European Union),  as well as translators (see Contribute).

    • Niki Seth-Smith is a freelance journalist and editor for openDemocracy. Her work on UKIP, Scottish independence and the future of the British state has appeared in Al Jazeera English, the New Statesman, Vice UK and  others. She is co-editor of Democratic Wealth: building a citizens’ economy.


    • Jamie Mackay is an Italian-based writer and translator and a contributing editor for openDemocracy. Having written on the Five Star Movement, austerity and the emergence of the precariat in an academic context, he left a research position in May 2014 in order to investigate these areas as a journalist. His first book When Thinking is the Screaming of the Soul, a study of precarious labour and mental health, will be published by Zer0 books in 2015.


  • Yiannis Baboulias is a Greek analyst and investigative journalist whose work on the far-right and European politics has been published in Al Jazeera English, Vice Magazine and The Guardian among others. His book Blood, Dishonour, Golden Dawn is to be published by ZED Books in 2015.


We have a syndication and organisational partnership with the global comment and analysis site openDemocracy.