We welcome contributors of any age but will prioritise those under 35. We are looking for contributors and translators from across Europe. By this we mean the continent, not the European Union, recognising and wishing to explore ambiguities as to which nations can be called ‘European’. We will also accept contributions on the themes below, from contributors anywhere in the world.



Below is a guideline as to themes and trends we wish to explore within Europe. There may be many more that will emerge, or that we have failed to mention here. Please use as a loose guide for pitching content.

  • new parties founded by young people or reliant on the youth vote
  • social movements led and shaped by young people
  • new communities, social centres and self-governed spaces of all kinds
  • movements for self-determination
  • far-right parties and movements, particularly those attracting a youth base
  • anti-austerity and ‘beyond austerity’ struggles
  • experiences of precarity, anxiety, under and unemployment
  • migration within, away and to Europe, particularly when this is a youth trend
  • the European Union and its future


We will publish:

  • reportage
  • analysis
  • features
  • video
  • audio


Please send pitches to, along with your bio and links to example works, making clear the medium, word count, and deadline being suggested. Please make clear in the email subject line if the piece is highly time sensitive. We will aim to get back to all pitches within two weeks.


We pay all our contributors. As a project on young people and precarity, and at a time when the media is becoming ever-more narrow and elitist, particularly exploitative of young people’s labour, it would be hypocritical to do anything else.