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Britain doesn’t act like it’s in the EU anyway

The UK’s paranoia is making it look like it’s already left the union.

Luka IvanovićSound artist

Belgrade – The political situation in Serbia is very perverse, made up of re-branded nationalists. The guy who was the Minister for Information for Milošević is now Prime Minister. They’re paying Tony Blair, Dominique Strauss Kahn, the PR guy who worked for the [UK] Conservatives… They’re playing ball and doing everything that Europe asks them to do, they’re big friends with Angela Merkel, but I’m not sure if they really want to do this [join the EU and become a new member state]. Everything is very slow.

I’ve never been to the UK, but I follow the UK media very closely. I can’t understand them [Britain]. As an island, they install these borders on the continent, like in France … I find it very strange that this is possible, to have a border not on your soil but somewhere else.

I’ve been denied a [tourist] visa two times. You get a very personal letter, like, ‘I do not trust you’ and a signature from the person who made the decision … It’s hard to capture the essence of the decision… My friends were accepted, but it’s a lottery. They didn’t trust me not to prolong my stay.

Now I’m in a relationship with a person with a UK visa, and she always has to come to Europe. We met during an art project in Belgrade. I really believe in the EU still, unlike friends around me – I’ve done almost everything in my life through EU systems.

But I don’t take the UK as EU because it’s not in the Schengen zone. Since Switzerland accepted the rules in 2009 – they’re not in the EU, they could be also be so paranoid, not accepting foreigners, they’re just as rich – but they accepted this free travel thing. Now I can go and I go very often. But not in the UK. For me [Britain] is not in the EU already!

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