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The EU can be repaired, with the UK in it.

Britain’s fate and that of the EU are intertwined.

Marko BokoYouth rights activist

Croatia – In Croatia there is a total lack of discussion about Brexit (or Bremain) and I am not sure that many of our citizens are aware of what is happening (due to the huge political crisis we are facing here). That is also a significant sign, as citizens do not consider Brexit an issue that affects us, despite the fact it will have an impact our future.

Sometimes I ask myself what reason there is to advocate Brexit, if one takes into account the storm of negative situations that will hit the islands afterwards. I just cannot imagine that situation as a possibility, as it is not only a UK issue, but one that could effect the whole of the EU and Europe in general. Horrible things have been happening for years within this region and our institutions, both national and EU ones, have lost touch with their citizens.

So, I can understand the frustrations, especially when it comes to the huge, ineffective and highly paid bureaucratic systems. On top of this people are fired up by the refugee crisis, which is the final touch on a cake of rising nationalism and right wing extremism all over Europe. 

I’m not sure what the UK would gain out of additional isolation, but I am sure that it would lose much more, perhaps dragging the rest of the EU into that hole as well. I simply cannot imagine the UK functioning outside the EU, nor the EU without the UK. So UK friends: the EU is here and can be repaired, united in solidarity, washed of extremism and hatred and improved. But with you in it.

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