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My lifestyle isn’t safe anymore

People have tried to make me feel guilty for being Greek and living in Britain

Demi DimitropoulouDeveloper

Living in London, I don’t have any assurances that my life-style here will be possible [after Brexit]. There are so many signs that are worrisome: the £35,000 limit, the fact that they’re raising tremendously the price of neutralisation or a visa … I’ve established a certain lifestyle living in Britain over the last seven years, and now I don’t feel I should consider it as safe.

Suddenly, since the [Brexit] debate started, I’ve had people saying ‘if you don’t like the UK, why don’t you go back home?’ I’ve heard people tell me ‘we personally bailed you out, you owe us money.’ There’s such anti-European sentiment… I’m not even that angry with the people themselves, because the things they read – there is such strong language, even on the BBC, which I thought was more neutral than other media, which make me feel guilty for taking the resources of British citizens!

The physical distance [between Britain and mainland Europe] also makes it seem unreal. In Greece we can’t pretend we’re not in Europe – you walk a bit more north, or south, and you’re in another country! In the UK, it’s not as apparent how things work. There has been political stability for way longer [than in Greece]. I think there’s some kind of disconnect, and lack of information… there are way too many factors.

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