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If Brexit, I’d vote for an independent Scotland

Scotland and Sweden both want to build a better world in Europe

Johanna Crossley-ZelsCommunications Officer

Edinburgh – People online have been sharing this article recently, that Sweden has been declared the ‘goodest country in the world’. It prides itself on being a good European country. Sometimes I just think Sweden has the best PR! But there is a big green movement, a lot to do with gender equality, taking a lot of refugees – but you also have this pulling in the other direction, the polar opposite, the very scary Far Right that is absolutely terrifying, it got 12 per cent in the last election – and in a democracy, I don’t know what you do with that.

I’m Swedish but live in Edinburgh. I don’t have a British passport. I’m what Theresa May talks about when she says ‘these Europeans coming to the country, getting grants to study, and taking low paid jobs…’. And people say, well you have an English father, you don’t count… there’s obviously an inherent racism there.

I voted in the Scottish referendum, I had just moved here [to Edinburgh]. I voted ‘No’ but I would probably change my mind now – if Britain decided to exit I would definitely vote for independence for Scotland. [In 2014] it was too ‘We hate the Tories. Tory Scum!’ But then I saw how the momentum has built after the referendum, and how an independent Scotland could play an international role, as Sweden does.

The biggest question is the refugee question, and I see how inclusive the [Scottish] Yes campaign is, more inclusive of Europe and of other people. Scotland wants to be a leader in making the world a better place and so does Sweden – I don’t know how to say this without seeming like I’m talking about a crusade, I don’t mean that!

And it’s very strange, the people who were Better Together [in the Scottish referendum] are the ones who now lean towards Brexit. I can’t understand it. I was ‘No’ because I thought the more we can be together, the more stable we become, but now the ‘No’ people are the ones that want to exit Europe!

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